ZoZiLo Soap

Sea Fennel Extract Soap Hand Made in Taiwan


handmade soaps all use natural vegetable oils and base on the traditional Marseille soap formula, the extract virgin olive oil  occupies 72% of the whole oil.

Providing the most nourishing care for the skin, using cold soap making process.

Each handmade soap was saponified by standing for several weeks and infused with sea fennel extract from the Qing Garden plant factory.

The recipe is clear and simple, made by hand, made in Taiwan.

ZoZiLo Soap Hand Made in Taiwan
ZoZiLo ® implemented the Qing Garden® Sea Fennel Hydrosols in 72% olive oil to make a mild moisturizing handmade Marseille soap in Taiwan.
About ZoZiLo ®
ZoZiLo Soap 72% olive oil based, Palm Oil FreeFree of colorants and artificial ingredients, Effective on tough laundry stains, gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. 100% Vegan.

Soaps hand made from Taiwan.